John Bujak Announces Interest in Running for Idaho Governor


Apparently a lengthy court battle and accusations that he embezzled $236,000 in county funds isn't stopping former Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney John Bujak from dreaming big. In fact, he apparently has his eye set on Idaho's top elected position.

The Idaho Press Tribune reported today that Bujak has formed an exploratory committee for a possible run for governor, as announced on his own website.

According to the website, Bujak has learned a lot from his time on the other side of the legal system (after four trials, he was acquitted of two of four charges and the other two were dismissed.)

"Government is in the business of serving itself and the special interests groups that support politics as usual. Government does not care about individual rights. It is wasteful and will lie, destroy evidence, and charge innocent people with crimes in order to advance its agenda. Government will take your freedom under the auspices of protecting you from harm. It will take your property and redistribute it without your consent. The regular citizen does not matter to the government and as long as it remains politics as usual, the regular citizen will not have a voice."

As a consequence of his legal proceedings, Bujak was forced to surrender his law license and no longer practices.

According to his website, Bujak will spend the next few months gauging if there is enough support to launch an election bid. If he judges there is, he promises a campaign announcement in March 2014.

Check out his video explanation below.