Two More High-Profile Public Art Projects Will Be Considered by Boise Council


The Boise City Council will again be asked to become quasi-art critics Tuesday, Aug. 13, when they'll be briefed on two proposals for high-profile art projects.

During an afternoon work session, lawmakers will be asked to review two artists' plans for a traffic circle in the Depot Bench neighborhood. The neighborhood's association received a grant from Boise Mayor Dave Bieter's Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant program to construct the public art, with a budget of $30,500.


The neighborhood association, along with the city's Visual Arts Advisory Committee, is recommending approval of a mosaic tile circle, designed by artist (and Idaho Statesman reporter) Anna Webb and fellow artist Reham Aarti (who is also currently designing a series of mosaic animals for Zoo Boise).

The circular art deco mosaic is styled like a compass and represents the four seasons and the orchards that have grown in the Bench neighborhood. Multicolored tiles are used to display the branches similar to points of a compass. If approved, the artwork would be visible from the Boise Depot or nearby Platt Gardens.

The Boise City Council will also be asked to weigh in on artwork for the new pedestrian bridge which will link the Boise Airport to its parking garage.

The $50,000 art project is budgeted from the Boise Airport Percent for Art Program.


After receiving submissions from 32 artists, a panel is recommending that the work of Seth Palmiter be approved. Palmiter is proposing to etch the glass-enclosed walkway at the airport with images of sweeping clouds. Additionally, the artwork would include a long and winding mobile strung from the walkway's ceiling. The panel is asking that the mobile be illuminated with LED lighting.

The Council will consider the proposed projects and a number of other issues when it convenes its Tuesday work session at 3:30 p.m. at Boise City Hall.