Times-News: Idaho Man Admits to International Gun Smuggling


An Idaho man has admitted to his role in an international gun smuggling scheme which included sneaking semi-automatic weapons from the U.S. into Canada via snowmobile.

Federal prosecutors said 22-year-old Dylan Dowton of Jerome was part of a smuggling operation that saw four semiautomatic rifles and two handguns brought into Canada from the U.S. with the help of an accomplice. Law enforcement said the Canadian accomplice paid Dowton $10,000 to purchase the firearms in Idaho. Dowton then allegedly transported the guns to North Dakota and transferred the weapons to the accomplice. The accomplice then, in turn, sold the weapons for $24,000 to undercover Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that Dowton pleaded guilty July 30 in a North Dakota courtroom for aiding a Canadian man in a conspiracy to illegally export firearms. The Canadian accomplice also pleaded guilty to the gun smuggling charges.

No word yet on when the pair will face sentencing.