Relative of Idaho Aquarium Owner Convicted of Obstructing Justice



An Eagle man faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine after being found guilty of obstruction of justice in connection with a scandal swirling at the Idaho Aquarium.

In February, federal prosecutors accused Ammon Covino, the aquarium's president, and Christopher Conk, the aquarium board's director, of illegally purchasing marine life for the Idaho facility, which remains open. A grand jury alleged that Covino and Conk purchased four spotted eagle rays and two lemon sharks for approximately $6,300, and that the fish were allegedly harvested illegally and without a permit.

On July 24, 20-year-old Peter Covino, nephew of the aquarium's president, was convicted by a federal jury of obstructing justice after feds said he called a Florida marine life business to cancel an animal shipment to Boise, refund a credit card and erase all emails, text messages and other evidence.

Peter Covino will be sentenced on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

Meanwhile, the trial of Ammon Covino and Conk is set to begin sometime in September.