Press: North Idaho GOP Commiteeman Calls Colleagues 'Stockholm Syndrome Republicans'


A controversial proposal for North Idaho's Republican elite to vet potential candidates took all of 20 minutes before it went down to defeat July 23.

In June, the issue came up at the Idaho Republican Party Central Committee meeting in McCall.

"What I envision is, our local precinct committee people will become more important to legislators than the lobbyists at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, or other Boise-based lobbyists," said Region 4 GOP Chairman Rod Beck. He pointed to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield because he said some GOP Idaho legislators ignored the wishes of the Idaho Republican Central Committee which opposed a state-based insurance exchange, yet passed during the 2013 legislative session.

This morning's Coeur d'Alene Press reports that during the July 23 meeting of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee, committeeman Bjorn Handeen proposed that Beck's idea be instituted in Kootenai County. Handeen even chastised what he called the "Stockholm Syndrome Republicans" who sit on the central committee.

"In my six-year engagement with this party, I have noticed there are two types of party activists," said Handeen, according to the Press. "There are those, and I count myself one of them, who see that our country is in rapid decline, and so we are doing our best to organize somewhat of a defense."

But Handeen was cut off by chairman Neil Oliver who gaveled down Handeen's remarks, who saw his resolution "postponed indefinitely," effectively killing the proposal.