Illegal Drug 2C-C-Nbome, aka 'Wiz,' 'Wizard Piss,' Haunts Idaho Community


It's called "Wiz" or "Wizard Piss."

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that law enforcement are puzzled over a new synthetic drug, mimicking the effects of LSD that has arrived in North-Central Idaho.

The drug is known as 2C-C-Nbome and is also sold under the street names of "N-bomb" or "Smiles." But because the drug is new, Lewiston Police said there are no state laws listing it as a controlled substance.

The Tribune reports that Lewiston Police said the drug is processed into a liquid and soaked into blotter paper, which is placed in the user's mouth. It can also be smoked or snorted.

Lewiston Police said in a news release that a drug overdose can cause violent episodes or seizures and have led to hospitalizations in other communities. Police said many of the users were teens or young adults.