Oregon Legislature Approves Medical Pot Dispensary Bill


State-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon are now only a signature away.

The Oregon House of Representatives approved a bill Saturday that would create a licensing system for medical pot outlets. The bill passed 32-27 and is now headed to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber.

Current Oregon law requires medical marijuana users to grow the weed themselves or find someone to grow it for them. The new measure would enable medical pot cardholders to buy from a state-licensed shop.

Two years ago, Boise Weekly visited a medical marijuana dispensary in Ontario, Ore., where we discovered more than a dozen varieties of marijuana sold behind a large glass display case: chocolate chunk, blue dream and purple wreck, alongside Rice Krispies treats laced with marijuana oils.

More importantly, we learned of numerous Idahoans who were regularly driving to Ontario to become customers. Some Gem State residents had even purchased a second property in Oregon.

"We know of at least 500 Idaho clients that have bought property in Oregon just in the last 60 days," the store director told BW. "They don't want to break the law, so this is going to be their new home. Idaho is losing residents, there's no doubt about it."