New 4th of July Limits at McCall's North Beach


Depending on who you talk to, new efforts to curb Fourth of July partying at McCall's North Beach on the north shore of Payette Lake are either appropriate or an overreach of enforcement.

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation announced earlier this year that no more than 750 people would be allowed on North Beach. That's down from last year's 1,000 person limit.

And now, the McCall Star-News reports that no more than 60 cars will be alowed to park near North Beach throughout the Independence Day long weekend.

"Once capacity has been reached, East Side Drive will be closed by the Valley County Sheriff Department to all vehicle traffic and vehicles will be turned around," Ponderosa State Park manager Richard Tapin told the Star-News.

The North Beach Fourth of July festivities swelled to 1,500 in 2011 and topped 2,000 in some previous years. Between 2007 and 2009, McCall police and state park personnel said they were forced to clear the beach because of unruly behavior.