Tribune: Idaho Sheriff Wants to Pull Plug on His Department's Facebook in Shadow of Suicide


The family of a man who committed suicide June 23 is pointing to the Latah County Sheriff's Office for what they call online harassment, saying it "became too much for him to handle."

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that 19-year-old Andrew Cain of Pullman, Wash., was wanted by the Latah County Sheriff's Office on arrest warrants for possession of marijuana and probation violation. The Latah County Sheriff's Department even posted Cain's photo on its Facebook page earlier this month, calling Cain the "Wanted Person of the Week," later calling him the "Wanted Person of the Month." Cain's family said he even received private messages on Facebook from a sheriff's deputy saying they "would be watching him and would get him."

"That's an abuse of power, really," Alise Smith, Cain's sister, told the Tribune, adding that the department "went out of the way to belittle and bully" Cain.

But Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch insists that the "situation has been solved" and told the Tribune that he "is seriously thinking about removing his office's Facebook page."

"This social media has gotten completely out of hand," said Rausch. "Nobody monitors it."