Mountain Express: DUI Arrest Ends in Jailhouse Gun Standoff


Things went from bad to worse June 18 when, after being arrested for DUI and hauled off to the Blaine County lockup, police said the suspect pulled a gun on lawmen at the jail.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that 49-year-old Tad Mutum of Bellevue was stopped after law enforcement reported he had been driving erratically in southern Bellevue. Police said Mutum failed several field sobriety tests.

But according of law enforcement, Mutum said, "This is not going to end well," while being transported to the jail.

"I asked Mutum what he meant by that comment and Mutum did not reply," said Bellevue Deputy Marshall Kyle Skuza.

Skuza said that Mutum pulled the gun out when they arrived at the jail.

"I observed the barrel of a handgun in Mutum's right hand," said Skuza who said he pushed Mutum backwards, tripped him with his leg, held him down and radioed for backup. Blaine County jail deputies arrived soon thereafter and took the gun from Mutum.

The gun had apparently been hidden in a cell phone case.

Mutum remains behind bars, charged with DUI, carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence and a felony charge of assault on a policeman.