Video: Idaho Business Pushing Pork-Infused Bullets aka 'Jihawg Ammo'



Coming to a gun near you: pork bullets aka Jihawg Ammo.

Spokane's KHQ-TV reports that South Fork Industries, based in the north Idaho town of Dalton Gardens has unveiled what it calls "peace through pork"—bullets coated with a ballistic paint infused with pork, making them "unclean" to Muslims.

A reporter for KHQ stopped by South Fork's listed address in Dalton Gardens, "but there was no storefront and it was just a mailing address."

According to South Fork Industries' website the idea dates back to 2010, when some Idaho County residents were upset over plans to build a mosque near New York City's Ground Zero, the site of one of the 9/11 attacks. According to the website:

"Everyone in attendance agreed that freedom of religion is paramount for all peoples of Earth but this showed poor taste and had a sense of "rubbing our noses" in 9/11 tragedy. The discussion turned toward possible solutions to stop such a great insult."

To date, the ammo has attracted 4,200 likes on South Fork's Facebook page.