Tamarack Village Plaza to Be Auctioned July 16


The ghost town that is the Tamarack Village Plaza is heading for the auction block.

What once promised to be one of the finest resorts on the planet ended up in bankruptcy, with half-finished buildings and a bench warrant for the former Tamarack owner, and still-missing, Jean-Pierre Boespflug.

In 2007, the Tamarack Resort, just outside of Donnelly, had experienced half-a-billion dollars in real estate sales, and the ski runs were being hailed as some of the best in North America. That was then. Today, the resort's village plaza is eerily silent: Restaurants are padlocked and half-completed lodges are abandoned behind ugly make-shift fences.

The Valley County Sheriff's Department has set a date, Tuesday, July 16, for an auction of what remains of the Village Plaza, including unfinished buildings.