New Downtown Restaurant Will Ask CCDC For Two Accommodations


As Boise's Eighth and Main Tower speeds toward completion, one of its tenants—the upscale Ruth's Chris steakhouse restaurant—wants a couple of accommodations from the city's urban renewal agency.

On Monday, June 10, representatives for the Gardner Company, developer of the under-construction tower, will go before the Capital City Development Corporation with two separate proposals.

First, they want a modification to CCDC's policy regarding the location of sidewalk dining areas on the west side of Eighth Street. Ruth's Chris is proposing a sidewalk dining area occupying the first floor window alcove on Eighth Street. The problem is that the restaurant wants to stretch its dining area onto the public sidewalk. It turns out that the Eighth and Main tower is 10 feet further east than any of the buildings on the west side of the street. That effectively leaves less than four feet of usable patio space.

But CCDC staff are recomending that the request be denied because in "staff's opinion, narrowing the available brick walkway for pedestrians will detract from the funcionality of the sidewalk, decrease safety for pedestrians and make for an uncomfortable dining experience for Ruth's Chris' customers."

Second, the Gardner Company is requesting that Ruth's Chris be allowed to offer free valet parking services for diners. The restaurant wants to offer the valet service between the Eighth and Main building and the National Bank Building to the north, which according to the developer, "would provide ample room for vehicle turn in and out."

CCDC staff is endorsing the request but the Board of Commissioners will have the final say at Monday's meeting.