Times-News: Growing Chobani Business Triggers More Air Service for Twin Falls


Nothing drives increased air service better than business travelers.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that the Chobani Yogurt Plant, which opened its newest factory in Twin Falls in December 2012, is driving the decision to add an extra 8:20 a.m. flight to the Twin Falls airport. That means, beginning Monday, June 3, there will be five regular Skywest Airlines flights to Salt Lake City, linking to one of Delta Airlines' main hubs.

“When we’re looking at recruiting business here,” Twin Falls airport manager Bill Carberry told the Times-News, “the ability to get them in, show them what we need to show them, talk to them and get them out is important because time is money. Truthfully, in this day and age, time is more valuable than money."

Barger added that the 8:20 a.m. outbound flight is a "critical time" for business travelers in general, and Chobani executives in particular.

The Twin Falls Chobani plant—a 950,000-square-foot facility, produces as many as 4.2 million cases of yogurt a week.

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