Marian Pritchett School Grads To Be Honored Tonight


Reading, writing and a lot of babies at Boises Marian Pritchett School.
  • George Prentice
  • Reading, writing and a lot of babies at Boise's Marian Pritchett School.

It's graduation season.

And one of Boise's most emotional ceremonies will be this evening as 16 young ladies are honored as graduates of the Marian Pritchett School.

You may know it better as Boise's school for pregnant teens and unwed mothers or the Booth Home. The North End school was renamed in 2002 for its longtime social studies instructor Marian Pritchett. Today, through a unique funding agreement between the Salvation Army and the Boise School District, the doors stay open at the school as young women complete their high school educations under the same roof which provides day care and effective parenting lessons. The school boasts a negligible dropout rate and a nearly-100 percent graduation rate.

This evening's ceremony will feature a special presentation for each graduate. Some students read, some sing, a lot of baby pictures are shared and almost everyone cries.

Also on this week's schedule in the Boise School District is the Friday, May 24, graduation ceremony for the Frank Church School and a full slate of graduations are slated for next week.