Foundry: Frank VanderSloot First To Sound Alarm on 'IRS Hit List'


The Foundry, a conservative-leaning news blog authored by The Heritage Foundation, is crediting controversial Idaho billionaire Frank Vandersloot with sounding the alarm on the IRS, triggering a scandal which has already cost IRS commissioner Steven Miller his job.

The Internal Revenue Service is accused of delaying tax-exemption applications from groups with Tea Party or patriot in their names, asking for additional information that delayed the process. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced a criminal probe into the matter. In a memo to staffers released by the IRS, Miller said he resigned so Americans could find faith in their organization again.

VanderSloot claims his own intimidation in 2012 after he made a sizable donation to a super PAC supporting then-presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. VanderSloot was also a national co-chairman on Romney's finance committee. In June 2012, VanderSloot said that the IRS notified him that he and his wife could face a tax audit and that the U.S. Department of Labor wanted to audit the payroll records at his East Idaho cattle ranch.

"VanderSloot’s story was a precursor to the IRS scandal now making front-page headlines," wrote The Foundry's Rob Bluey. "As lawmakers and the American people seek answers about the government’s overreach, it’s also worth asking the question, Who ordered the probe on VanderSloot?"

VanderSloot told The Daily Caller, a web-based news organization founded by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, that "I'm not the only" major Romney donor audited.