Mountain Express: Blaine County Sheriff Links Series of 'Bottle Bombs'


The Blaine County Sheriff says he has reason to believe that a series of incidents—where as many as 6 bottle bombs were discovered in Hailey and Sun Valley within the last few weeks—are linked and possibly built by the same person or persons.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that Blaine County Sheriff Gene Ramsey said the design of the bottle bombs was similar and "there seems to be a lot of consistency with the material in all six of them."

One of the six bombs were discovered in a mailbox north of Hailey April 24. The other five were discovered last week in the Elkhorn Village area of Sun Valley.

"One went off prematurely, but the others were swelling and had to be neutralized before we could touch them," Ramsey told the Mountain Express. "If they continue to perfect their devices, it will probably only make them more dangerous. And my fear is that if they don't stop they're either going to injure themselves or someone else."