Leak in New York Canal Shuts Down Irrigation



Irrigation customers across the Treasure Valley might have noticed their sprinklers spitting nothing but air. That's because on the the valley's main irrigation canals sprung a leak April 28.

A leak was discovered on the New York Canal by a farmer landowner in the area of Eckert Road and Federal Way in Boise who heard some trickling water. Officials with the Boise Project Management Board of Control confirmed that the leak was coming from the canal and immediately shut off the supply of water.

Tim Page, project manager, said crews are now able to reach the bottom of the canal and have narrowed down the location of the leak, although a cause has yet to be determined. Repairs are expected to begin as soon as possible.

In the meantime, nearly 100,000 acres of land are without irrigation water. Page said he expects repairs to take several days, after which it will take several more days for crews to refill the canal.