Boise Council Asked To Fund New Circulator Study, Neighborhood Grants, Foothills Purchase


When the Boise City Council meets this coming Tuesday, April 30, it'll be asked to consider a series of changes to the current fiscal year 2013 city budget, including $437,500 to fund an analysis of a possible downtown Boise circulator system. The lion's share of the funding—$375,000—would come from a Federal Transit Authority grant. The additional $125,500 would be picked up by the city of Boise and the Capital City Development Corporation, the city's urban renewal agency.

The analysis will key on the best mode of transportation to connect downtown Boise with the Boise State University campus and the Boise Depot. It will also consider a possible circulator on the Boise State campus.

The Council will also be asked to give its OK to a one-time transfer of $400,000 from the city's capital fund to fuel neighborhood reinvestment grants.

On April 18, the city of Boise unveiled a list of 26 community projects that secured recent grants, including a series of sesquicentennial-inspired projects, including specially designed traffic boxes, oral histories, historical research of the Morris Hill neighborhood and a Central Bench spring festival, garnered more than $50,000. Another grant is awarding $28,000 to help fund public art near roundabouts along the new Whitewater Park Boulevard in the city's Veterans Park Neighborhood.

Finally, Council members will be asked on Tuesday to transfer $1.9 million from the Foothills Levy Fund to purchase 260 acres for seven more parcels of the Foothills, this time from Boise Foothills LLC (formerly known as DBSI Boise Foothills), a consortium of 51 individuals. The parcel of undeveloped land is a major section within the area commonly known as the "Hillside to the Hollow" property, located north of Hill Road between Bogus Basin Road and North 33rd Street.