McCall City Councilman on Firing of Police Chief: 'It's an Ugly Situation'


The McCall City Council has fired its city's Chief of Police, but the former chief says he was let go "as an action of retaliation by McCall City Manager Gene Drabinksi." An attorney for former police chief Jerry Summers says his client supported another candidate for City Manager.

This morning's McCall Star-News reports that Cascade attorney Matt Williams—who was Valley County Prosecutor until this past January—said Drabinksi became "physically aggressive" toward Summers during a 2012 meeting while discussing the public's perception of the McCall Police Department.

But Drabinski said that was a bunch of hooey.

"I'm 68-years-old," said Drabinski. "I'm hardly physically aggressive to anyone. I don't know what he's talking about."

Williams also said that Summers had discovered that Drabinksi was in illegal possession of an Idaho's driver's license at the same time his driver's license from Drabinksi's home state of Massachusetts was under revocation. Williams said Summers repeatedly warned Drabinski that he was in violation of the law.

Williams has filed a tort claim against the City of McCall, warning of a pending lawsuit.

"It's an ugly situation," MCall City Councilman Nic Swanson told the Star-News. "We're between a rock and a hard place."

The Star-News reports that the MCall City Council voted unanimously to fire Summers, indicating that Summers and Drabinski couldn't work together.

Summers joined the McCall Police Department in 1997 and was named chief in 2005.