Tribune: 'Kids Comforting Each Other' In the Wake of Fatal Orofino Blaze


The Clearwater County Coroner confirmed Tuesday that five victims of a house fire which swept through the Orofino home on April 12, died in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning.

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that five people, including three juveniles, and two dogs were killed in the fire which was started by an overloaded power cord on the front porch where an electric grill was plugged in. Two of the victims, both 13-year-old boys, were celebrating their birthdays with a barbecue and sleepover.

Meanwhile, the Tribune reports that a crisis team was mobilized at a teen center located near local schools. "About 12 to 15 students came in to talk to counselors" according to the Tribune and the crisis team has continued to meet with students and teachers in Orofino elementary and high schools.

"There were a lot of hugs going on—kids comforting each other," said Orofino High School Principal Bob Alverson.