BW Video Preview: The Rebirth of the Owyhee


An artist's rendering of a new lobby for the Owyhee
  • An artist's rendering of a new lobby for the Owyhee

A year ago, Boise-native Clay Carley thought his neighbor was crazy for suggesting that he buy the century-old Owyhee Hotel.

"I said, 'Hell no.' I told her I don't need another old building," Carley remembered.

Carley, the owner and manager of Old Boise on Sixth and Main streets (on the opposite end of downtown Boise), told Boise Weekly that he hadn't set foot in the Owyhee since he was a young boy, attending special occasions at the old Gamekeeper Restaurant.

But when his neighbor, a real estate agent, gave him an idea of the price of the Owyhee, he convinced himself to look at the property. One year later Carley owns the property and has officially started the ball rolling on an agressive remodel of the Owyhee which will convert hotel rooms into one-bedroom apartments. He's also expanding the banquet facilities, giving new life to the old Gamekeeper restaurant and even reopening the penthouse, one of the best views in downtown.

In Wednesday's Boise Weekly, we'll chronicle Carley's journey and look at the new plans to bring new life to a Boise icon.

[ Video is no longer available. ]