April Fools: Star-News 'Reports' Military Planes Will Monitor Fourth of July Activities


What with all of the conversation in McCall lately about curbing this Fourth of July's festivities at North Beach, the McCall Star-News got plenty of attention Friday morning, when readers saw the headline, "Surplus Military Planes to Patrol North Beach Over 4th."

On March 8, we reported that state, county and Idaho law enforcement were looking into options to curb rowdiness and drunken behavior at North Beach along Payette Lake. The 2011 Fourth of July crowd at North Beach, which is part of Ponderosa State Park, swelled to 1,500 and had as many as 2,000 partiers in previous years. The previous events saw underage drinking, nudity, beers thrown at law enforcement and fights.

But the story in the current edition of the Star-News touts the use of military surveillance aircraft, usually used to monitor illegal immigration, being mobilized for McCall.

"If North Beach on the 4th isn't a case calling for alien migration management tactics, I don't know what is," reads a quote in the story.

But guess what? it was a hoax—the Star News' late April Fools' joke, joining a string of previous phony stories.

Previous April Fools' Day gems in the Star-News have included Bill Cosby buying the Star-News, The Walt Disney Company buying Tamarack, and the McCall City Council ordering gates be placed across Idaho 55 to control growth.