Times-News: Idaho Teacher Defends Curriculum Against Parents Who Don't Like The Way He Teaches Reproduction


The fallout continues one day after national news media picked up the story of an Idaho public school teacher who is the subject of an investigation after he taught about orgasms and used the word "vagina" while instructing 10th grade biology.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News, which broke the story Wednesday, reports that Dietrich science teacher Tim McDaniel is scheduled to formally submit a response today to the Idaho Professional Standards Commission, which launched the investigation following complaints from parents. The probe is looking into allegations that McDaniel taught "inappropriate forms of birth control, told inappropriate jokes and showed a video clip in class that showed a genital herpes infection," according to the Times-News.

One of the parents who filed a complaint with the Murtaugh school board in Idaho's Magic Valley said she wanted to be notified about the content, but McDaniel said parents always have the option to have their children leave the classroom when he teaches about such matters. He also insists that he teaches directly from an approved biology textbook.

"Since I started working here about 17 years ago, I agreed to teach about the reproduction system because I was comfortable with it and [the school's health teacher] wasn’t,” McDaniel told the Times-News. “This is the first time someone has objected to the material.”