Times-News: Idaho Teacher Under Fire For Explaining Orgasms, Saying 'Vagina' in 10th-Grade Class on Reproductive System


Some parents of students and colleagues of a teacher in the Magic Valley community Dietrich have created a Web page called: "Save the Science Teacher" in the wake of a formal investigation that has been launched into the way the instructor teaches about human reproduction.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that Tim McDaniel is the subject of an investigation by the state's professional standards commission, following complaints from parents about how McDaniel teaches the reproductive system.

The Times-News reports that McDaniel said four parents were offended "that he explained the biology of an orgasm and included the word 'vagina' during his lesson on the human reproductive system in a 10th-grade biology course."

McDaniels says he taught "straight out of the textbook" and gives every student the option not to attend the class when he teaches about the reproductive system.

"This sort of thing makes you worry about what you teach," McDaniel told the Times-News. "That's not right."