Anti-Teen Tanning Bill Burned by Idaho House


For the second time in as many years, Idaho lawmakers have short-circuited a bill that would have restricted teen tanning.

House Bill 268 would have placed age restrictions on indoor tanning, banning anyone under the age of 16 and requiring parental consent for 16- and 17-year-olds who wished to use a commercial tanning salon. Offenders would have faced $100 fines for a first offense, $300 for second offenses, and $500 for subsequent offenses.

The House Health and Welfare Committee cleared the bill March 13, sending the measure to the full House for its consideration. But the AP reports that the House voted 43-25 to kill HB 268.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation was adamant in its opposition to the bill, both this year and last.

"What will be next, banning kids from sugary sodas or energy drinks, candy or even fast food?" asked Erik Makrush, Idaho Freedom Foundation's operations director. "This bill, if passed, will further the government intrusion into the lives of Idahoans and opens up even more restrictions in the upcoming years.”