AP: Former Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak Not Guilty


A jury returned a "not guilty" verdict in the case of John Bujak, the former Canyon County prosecutor accused of embezzling $236,000 in county funds, the Associated Press reports.

Bujak resigned in September 2010 over allegations he used city of Nampa funds for personal purposes, and was later arrested in 2011, charged with embezzlement and grand theft. A trial on those charges ended in a hung jury.

Prosecutors alleged Bujak accessed multiple checks that were the property of the estate of M.K. Littleton "with the intent to deprive the estate of the property or to appropriate the property to himself." Prosecutors said the alleged crimes occured before Bujak was elected (in November 2008) and also during his time in office.

The AP reports Bujak is "relieved" with the verdict.

CORRECTION: The charge of theft in the Littleton case resulted in a “not guilty” verdict earlier this year. The hung jury ended another trial related to misuse of public funds, which took place last year. Boise Weekly regrets the error.