AP: Prosecutors Allege Idaho Mail Fraud From Inside Prison Cell


Federal prosecutors want an Idaho inmate—already serving time on a burglary conviction—to spend a bit more time behind bars. Mark Anthony Brown was indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury for allegedly running a $64,000 mail fraud scheme from his prison cell.

The indictment alleges that Brown committed the fraud by submitting false claims for class-action and bankruptcy settlements while he was serving time in an Oklahoma prison. Brown had been shipped to Oklahoma along with hundreds of other Idaho inmates as part of an Idaho contract with the Idaho Correctional Institution, a private prison facility. Brown is back in Idaho and currently behind bars at ICC's facility in Orofino.

The Associated Press reports that a 2009 search of Brown's jail cell turned up a dozen "phony letters purporting to be from nonexistent law firms, and the letters claimed Brown was entitled to money from various legal settlements." Among the alleged phony claims was nearly $30,000 from the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company, according to prosecutors.

Brown was scheduled to satisfy his sentence for burglary in 2024, according to a spokeswoman from the Idaho Department of Correction.