Mountain Express: More Drama From Downton Valley



In this morning's edition of Boise Weekly, Editor Zach Hagadone chronicles the nasty goings-on that defined Sun Valley City Hall for the better part of a year. The real-life drama we call "Downton Valley" involved allegations of nepotism, fraud and misconduct and resulted in numerous investigations, lawsuits and countersuits.

Included in the drama were former Sun Valley City Administrator Sharon Hammer and current Sun Valley City Councilman Nils Ribi. At the height of the nastiness, Hammer alleged that Ribi had harassed her and launched a lawsuit against the councilman in particular and the City of Sun Valley in general. Ribi filed a suit of his own—alleging defamation—against Hammer's husband and attorney Jim Donoval.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that an investigation conducted by Boise attorney Patricia Ball found that Ribi engaged in "disrespectful" conduct toward others but that there was "insufficient evidence" to support the charge that he violated city policy.

"Witnesses overwhelmingly stated that Ribi treats others, primarily at City Council meetings, in a disrespectful manner," the report states, according to the Mountain Express. "However, Ribi's conduct is not directed toward and/or does not target a protected class, including gender. Witnesses also did not support a finding that Ribi has engaged in harassment of Administrator Hammer."