Star-News: Law Enforcement Wants to Limit Fourth of July North Beach Partying in McCall Even Further


It will be a long time before the snow melts away in McCall, but state, county and local law enforcement are already looking to the long July Fourth weekend, and in particular, the crowds at North Beach.

Following years of arrests and citations for rowdy and/or drunken behavior at North Beach, along Payette Lake, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation capped Fourth of July partiers in 2012 to 1,000. And now, this morning's McCall Star News reports that officials want to cap the party limit at 750 or possibly lower.

“We haven’t come up with a final number, but we are looking at lowering it more,” Ponderosa State Park Manager Richard Taplin told the Star-News.

The 2011 crowd at North Beach, which is part of Ponderosa State Park, swelled to 1,500 and as many as 2,000 in previous years.

The Star-News reports that in past years, "officers have contended with underage drinking, nudity, beers thrown at deputies and fights. In some years, the beach has been closed to disperse the partiers."