Press: Emotional Court Win For Idaho Woman Who Sued Insurance Company


An Idaho woman who suffered brain damage after being injected with a dose of medication at a Post Falls hospital, broke into tears when she learned this week that she had won a court battle against an insurance company.

This morning's Coeur d'Alene Press reports that the case dates back to February 2007, when the woman suffered cardiac arrest and other severe injuries after she was injected with the medication at Northwest Specialty Hospital. The woman took the hospital's insurance carier, Illinois Union, to court in 2011, and after a two-week trial, the insurance company entered into a $500,000 settlement.

But the Press reports that the insurance company later balked, claiming its attorney didn't have the authority to negotiate the settlement.

In a ruling this week, 1st District Court Judge John Luster disagreed, saying that the settlement was binding and that, "Otherwise, legal chaos and an abuse of the interest of justice would rule the day."

"Our client should never have had to endure a second trial to force the insurance company to honor its agreement," said attorney Craig Vernon, who added that when he told the woman the good news, "she broke down in tears."