Boiseans Weigh In On Sequester Debate


While President Barack Obama and Republican congressional leaders continue their war of words leading up to the Friday, March 1, sequester deadline, when across-the-board federal budget cuts totaling $85 billion take effect, Boise Weekly found an array of opinions Wednesday surrounding the economic standoff.

"Budget cuts just mean more money in the politicians' pockets," said Tom Snow, Vietnam War Vet, whose cardboard sign begged for work while he stood on the corner of Eighth and Main streets.

When BW asked citizens to rank the severity of the sequester deadline on a scale of 1 to 10, the average answer was unsurprisingly "5."

"There is a lot being cut," said Ryan Suydam, sales associate for Boise-based Balihoo.

Even though he first confused the sequester with Boise's current sesquicentennial celebration, Bronx native and Boise cheesecake distributor Tim Wahls told BW that the cuts are "going to impact everyone, locally and federally."

"I try to keep my nose out of it," said Boise State student Kyle Beserra, while lounging outside of the Flying M coffee shop.

Beserra conceded that he tried "not to get involved in the government unless it impacts education."

"But If it's a military cut, then I support it. If it is an education cut, then that is a problem," said Beserra.

While behind the register of the American Clothing Gallery, owner Lil Kurek told BW that the sequester cuts could “decide whether or not I stay in business.”

“I would fire everybody in Washington,” said Kurek.

A Boise Police officer told BW that government cuts “would be horrible, especially for people like the mentally ill.”

Meanwhile, Snow continued his curbside solicitation for a job with a tin can nearby to collect any change that passersby could spare.