Spokane Knitting Factory Reopens, Agrees to Cooperation With Police



Four days after a Spokane police chief ordered the Spokane Knitting Factory to be shut down, owners of the venue reopened Thursday after agreeing to extra security and a ramped-up police presence in the area.

Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub ordered the club closed Feb. 18 in the wake of four shootings at the venue in the past year, the most recent in the early morning hours of Feb. 18. On Monday, Straub told Spokane media that crime in his downtown district had declined 10 percent, but that the Knitting Factory was "a constant problem."

On Thursday, Straub stood side-by-side with Knitting Factory COO Greg Marchant, saying they had agreed to increase communication, "take proactive action and practice preventative policing" by sharing security information with each other.

While the Spokane Knitting Factory had already canceled tonight's concert, the next event —featuring Camaros, Storm Normandy, Evolved and T-180—is still slated for Saturday, Feb. 23.