Digiboo Downloadable Movie Kiosks Debut at Boise Airport


Digiboo kiosks are being unveiled in airports in Boise, Seattle, Portland, Ore. and Minneapolis.
  • Digiboo kiosks are being unveiled at airports in Boise, Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Minneapolis.

Choosing Boise to be on its short list of launch cities, Digiboo is unveiling a new kiosk at the Boise Airport to allow travelers to download the latest movie and TV releases to smartphones, tablets or laptops.

"We chose to launch our product at BOI because Boise has a large population of early adopters, movie enthusiasts and business travelers," said Richard Cohen, Digiboo CEO. "Digiboo's mission is to deliver the simplest, easiest and most convenient way for movie-lovers to get the entertainment they love while on the go."

Digiboo calls itself "a first-of-its-kind download service with more than 800 movie titles and 20 TV series available through an interactive touchscreen kiosk." The Boise Airport joins Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Minneapolis with four of the kiosks.

Digiboo promises that movies and TV shows can be watched on up to five devices, and be downloaded in as little as 30 seconds to thumb drives, iOS, Android or Windows enabled laptops, tablets or phones.

Digiboo promises recent film releases such as Looper, Hope Springs and Trouble with the Curve, and TV selections such as new episodes of Fringe, Revolution and Big Bang Theory.

"We strive to provide the best overall experience for travelers at Boise Airport. Digiboo’s kiosks help us expand our shopping and entertainment offerings and bring more enjoyment to airport guests," said Rebecca Hupp, Boise Airport director.

Movie rentals are $3.99 (new) or $2.99 (catalog) and can be viewed within 30 days of downloading up to 48 hours after the movie is opened. Purchased movies cost $14.99 and TV shows can be purchased for $1.99.

Digiboo has also expanded to the Apple app market, offering a link to Digiboo's film and TV library.

"It more than doubles our potential user base, and most importantly, fulfills our promise to our customers to provide the best experience for those who want access to movies and TV to watch on the device of their choice," said Cohen.