Caldwell Rodeo Seeks Statehouse Exemption For Liquor Sales


Idaho lawmakers have repeatedly said that they don't like to craft new laws or change existing Idaho Code to simply accommodate one business or a small segment of the population. But the Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday approved a bill granting a special exemption to the Caldwell Night Rodeo to serve hard liquor.

CNR officials said they used a catering permit from a local restaurant to serve liquor in the past, but the Idaho State Liquor Division said that was a horse of a different color. So, on Monday, rodeo representatives went before the State Affairs Committee for a special exemption to sell cocktails.

The Associated Press reports that Idaho Falls Republican Sen. Bart Davis struggled with the proposal, saying he was opposed to making it easier to drink at family events and that the measure could be interpreted by some as allowing rodeos in other communities to serve liquor.

But the measure passed through committee and awaits approval from the full Senate.