Chuck Winder's Social Network, Part 2


Boise Republican Sen. Chuck Winder's social media woes date back to March of 2012.

After unveiling the controversial Senate Bill 1387 during the 2012 Idaho legislative session, a measure that, if passed, would have required all Idaho women to undergo an ultrasound before they could have an abortion, Winder's Facebook page began overflowing with commentary.

It seems Winder's problem is back, this time in response to two proposals related to marijuana.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 112 seeks to state the Idaho Legislature's opposition to the legalization of marijuana for any purpose in the State of Idaho, while Senate Joint Memorial 101 calls upon President Barack Obama, the U.S. Department of Justice and Congress "to take appropriate action to ensure that federal drug-free policy is upheld in all states."

Those bills have stirred up a response, leading to comments on the senator's Facebook page. Here's a sample:

"This resolution regarding marijuana in Idaho is a huge mistake, and the opposite direction that Idaho needs to go."

"The law you're trying to pass to ban marijuana is not right."

"Mind your own business in your own little state."

"hey ya little pissant, you friggen neocon."

"Chuck Winder has no business attempting to ban marijuana in Idaho."

"Now he wants to throw people in jail for marijuana. What a prick."