'Exiled' American Families Turn to Gang of Eight


American families who are living in what they call "exile" or separated by immigration laws, are targeting the so-called "gang of eight"—a bipartisan group of U.S. senators working on immigration reform—to advance their cause.

"Even though I'm separated from my homeland, I am blessed to live with my husband and daughter," said Nicole Salgado, organizer of Action for Family Unity. "But there are women I am collaborating with who cannot be with their loved ones today because of current immigration law."

In the current issue of Boise Weekly, we talk to Salgado from her home-away-from-home in Queretaro, Mexico, where her family has lived since their departure from the United States seven years ago.

Salgado's organization, which she says includes families from across the globe, has taken to change.org to petition Barack Obama and Congress to "bring home American families in exile." As of Sunday morning, the petition had secured nearly 1,000 signatures.

In particular, Action for Family Unity is reaching out the "gang of eight," which includes Republican Sens. Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Marco Rubio, along with Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet, Dick Durbin, Robet Menendez and Charles Schumer.