KTVB: Borah Facebook 'Confessions' Include Claims of Bringing Gun to School, Sleeping With Teacher


A school resource officer at Boise's Borah High School has contacted Facebook in an effort to pull down a newly created site where students and former students are posting so-called "confessions," including alleged incidents of bringing a weapon to school and a student sleeping with a teacher.

KTVB-TV reported Tuesday night that Lion Confessions popped up on Facebook on Feb. 8 and has since grown to 260 likes.

The "confessions" have included one anonymous writer who claimed, "I snuck a glock into school for a whole day just to see if I'd make it," and another anonymous post that claimed, "I slept with one of the male teachers when I went there four years ago."

Boise Independent School District spokesman Dan Hollar told KTVB that Boise Police have been made aware of the page and that a school resource officer had "already contacted the site administrator and asked for the page to be taken down."