New York Times: Idaho Lawmakers Bristle at Federal Gun Regulations


In an article published in this morning's New York Times, reporter Kirk Johnson writes that "the debate over gun control is one-sided in Idaho."


Somewhere in America, supposedly, there is a debate about regulating guns. But it is hard to find here."

In a visit to the Idaho Statehouse, Johnson heard from a number of Gem State Republican lawmakers, including Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter, House Speaker Scott Bedke and House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, each promoting stronger protections of the Second Amendment.

“For a long time, you couldn’t carry a gun on an airplane—now the pilots do,” said Otter. “The captain is in charge here. We’ve got to give him all the tools to make sure that he maintains control as he sees fit.”

At a recent briefing with the Idaho Sheriffs Association, Moyle suggested a state pushback against federal gun laws:

Was it possible, Mr. Moyle asked, to keep new federal gun regulations from being enforced in Idaho? “If they’re picking and choosing what they’re going to enforce, does the state have any control on the other side, picking and choosing on what we’re going to let them enforce?”

And Bedke said, "the will of the people was clear."

“Idaho will push back,” he said, referring to federal gun control proposals. “A question that is rolling around in most Idahoans' heads right now is, What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ don’t they get?”