Mountain Express: Fish and Game Reports Killed Animal Was Dog, Not Wolf


Saying that the incident was "fairly unusual" and that the hunter made a mistake, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has confirmed that an animal killed near Elk Creek in Idaho's Clearwater region in November 2012 was, in fact, a dog, not a wolf as previously reported.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that the initial report listed the animal's species as a wolf.

"It's a very unfortunate circumstance, without question," IDFG game manager John Rachael told the Mountain Express. "But I don't think there was any ill intent."

IDFG reports that the hunter had a wolf tag and took the carcass to the Clearwater Regional Fish and Game Office.

"My biggest concern was that the professional person from Fish and Game didn’t catch it, or didn’t say that there was something kind of odd about this animal," said Lynne Stone, who told the Mountain Express that she received the IDFG report through a Freedom of Information Act request. "Wolves have big paws for their size. They have small ears. They have broad faces.”