State Journal: Video of Idaho Student's Beating Goes Viral


The Pocatello Police Department and administrators at a Pocatello middle school say they have "thoroughly investigated and proper disciplinary action was taken" in the wake of a locker room beating of a young man while other students cheered the attacker on, shouting profanities.

This morning's Idaho State Journal reports that a Hawthorne Middle School student recorded the incident on his cellphone earlier this month and posted it on Facebook, where it went viral with the name "HaHa Fight in the Locker Room."

One parent told the Journal that parents knew nothing about the incident until their children showed them the video on Facebook.

“From the stories I hear from my children and their friends who attend the school, it seems that Hawthorne Middle School is a popular place for bullying," Miguel Dominic told the Journal. "And when we hear about bullying and threats of violence, we only hear about it from our kids.”

Dominic added that there were more than 20 comments on Facebook attached to the video, "not one of them expressing moral outrage or even questioning whether the video's posting was appropriate."

A school official said the law prevented administrators from publicly discussing disciplinary actions, because of student record confidentiality.