Kustra Warns Idaho Lawmakers of Funding Inequity, 'Perfect Storm'


Telling lawmakers that they must "find a way to fix it" and craft equitable funding, Boise State President Bob Kustra stood before the Idaho Legislature's budget-writing committee this morning and said his institution "has suffered the most" by not getting its far share of the Enrolled Workload Adjustment funds.

The EWA is intended to help pay for enrollment growth at Idaho's four-year colleges, but Kustra told lawmakers that it has not been consistently funded. Kustra said that unfunded EWA from 2008-present totals $10.3 million for Boise State.

"The state's appropriation should follow the student wherever they enroll in a public university in Idaho. Currently, that is not happening, and we must find a way to fix it and give Boise State students what students at our other universities enjoy in state financial support," he said.

Failure to remedy the situation, Kustra said, meant the university was headed for a "perfect storm."

Kustra warned that Boise State would be forced to cap enrollments, continue to enroll at the current rate and risk not offering enough sections, or increase out-of-state enrollments and increase tuition and fees.

"None of these options is best for our students," said Kustra.