Fish and Game Seeking Information in Elk Wasting Case


Officials with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game are looking for information about a case of elk wasting that happened in Idaho County earlier this month.

Two elk were shot and left to waste off Salmon River Road east of Riggins, on or about Jan. 9, in violation of IDFG rules. Officer Chad Wippermann found both elk lying side by side, and neither had been field dressed.

From IDFG's 2012 Big Game Hunting Rules:

Hunters are required to remove and care for the edible meat of big game animals, except black bears, mountain lions and gray wolves. This includes the meat from hind quarters as far down as the hock, meat of the front quarters as far down as the knee and meat along the backbone which is the loin and tenderloin. It does not include meat of the head or neck, meat covering or between the ribs, internal organs, or meat on the bones after close trimming.

Evidence was collected at the scene, but the department is seeking citizen input for more information about the incident.

Those with information are encouraged to contact the IDFG McCall office at 208-634-8137. Citizens Against Poaching is offering a reward for information; callers may remain anonymous on the 24-hour hot line, 1-800-632-5999.