Idaho Legislator Still Holding Down Two Elected Posts


Thyra Stevenson, Lewiston councilor and member of the Idaho House.
  • Thyra Stevenson is a Lewiston city councilor and member of the Idaho House.

Conceding that she "waffled all over" the issue, an Idaho legislator still hasn't made a decision about her dilemma of holding two political offices.

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that freshman Republican Rep. Thyra Stevenson, who also holds a post on the Lewiston City Council, participated in the Jan. 14 council meeting via phone from Boise.

"I haven't been feeling good, so I haven't made a decision," she told the Tribune about her dual responsibilities. Idaho law allows Stevenson to hold two political offices at the same time, but she can't run for two offices in the same year.

Stevenson told the Tribune that she wants to find a female replacement for her spot on the Lewiston Council, given that she is the only woman currently on the council.

"I think that's important, to provide that balance," she told the Tribune.

Here in Boise, Democratic Rep. Hy Kloc representing District 16, is also holding another elected post: Greater Boise Auditorium District board member. Kloc serves as chairman of that board.