Tribune: Two Bad Crashes on U.S. 12 and U.S. 95


U.S. Highway 12, which curls through canyons alongside the Clearwater River in north-central Idaho, can be tricky driving on a good day. In fact, the highway was the centerpoint of much debate for the better part of two years surrounding so-called "mega-loads" and haulers' desire to pull giant rigs across the highway.

Wednesday afternoon was a stark reminder of how critical U.S. 12 is to the region, when traffic was halted for hours after two vehicles crashed near the town of Lenore, sending three people to a Lewiston hospital.

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that the crash occurred when one car pulled onto the highway from a rest stop, slamming into another west-bound vehicle.

The crash erupted into flames and firefighters from the Lewiston and Big Canyon fire districts took 30 minutes to bring the blaze under control.

U.S. 12, the main arterial between north-central Idaho and Montana, was blocked intermittently for about two hours.

Meanwhile, the Tribune also reports that, nearby, a runaway truck slammed into a ramp Wednesday on Lewiston Hill. The truck reportedly lost its brakes on the way down the steep decline on U.S. Highway 95, dodging in an out of two runaway truck ramps before finally pulling into a third ramp, "running all the way to the top, sliding backward, jackknifing and turning over."