'No Parking' Signs Installed Near Simplot Hill Following Sledding Accident

"If you see that video, it's horrible to watch."


"No parking" signs have been newly installed near the foot of Simplot Hill in Boise's North End, after a child slid from the snow-packed hill out into traffic Jan. 12. The child's injuries were not life-threatening.

"We're looking for a more comprehensive solution so that what happened over the weekend never happens again," Adam Park, spokesman for Mayor Dave Bieter, told Citydesk this morning. "You now will see signs put up by the Ada County Housing District, with them working with Boise Police. That will solve part, but not all of the problem."

Park added that the iconic sledding hill is not, as most believe, owned by the State of Idaho. Instead, it is still owned by the J.R. Simplot family, which donated the mansion at the top of the hill to the state.

"It's private property," he said.

The accident was caught on video by a citizen, who also wrote a letter to Boise Weekly—published in the new issue that hit streets this morning.

[ Video is no longer available. ]

"If you see that video, it's horrible to watch," said Park. "The other issue is whether sledders should even make their way to the roadway at all. We're still looking into that."

Park told Citydesk that city officials are considering other options with the private landowners to make the location safer.