Star-News: Valley County Needs Public Input on Accounting Error


Valley County officials are still trying to figure out how to untangle a half-million-dollar accounting error that placed its ambulance providers in a tight spot.

Earlier this month, it was learned that Valley County property tax receipts were suppposed to total $775,000, but the Valley County Clerk's Office instead wrote down $275,000 on billings sent out by the Valley County Treasurer's Office. As a result, Valley County taxpayers have learned that there has been a big error and much more money is due.

The county's ambulance district has been left in the lurch. The county can't transfer money from its operating budget to cover the funding foul-up because the ambulance district is a separate entity.

This week's McCall Star-News reports that Valley County commissioners will turn to the public in a special public hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 22, on how to fix the error.

Commissioners have decided not to borrow the extra $500,000 through a bank loan. Other options might include taking the money from the county's general fund reserves or the county's court facilities fund. That would allow the county to properly fund its ambulance district while it sends out new bills to taxpayers to make up the shortfall.