KLEW: Parents of Victims Call For Superintendent's Resignation In Wake of Idaho School Incident


Officials in a north-central Idaho school district are still dealing with the fallout from a December incident in which students were allegedly attacked by an adult male, landing the man behind bars.

Byron Edwards, 35, of Reubens is charged with three counts of injury to a child for allegedly slapping, kicking, tripping and holding a child in a choke-hold at Highland Elementary School on Dec. 17. Edwards said he was visiting his fifth-grade son at the school when the incident occurred.

"It was my grandson that was put in a headlock," grandparent Ron Peery said at a Jan. 9 emergency meeting of the Highland Joint School District Board of Trustees in Craigmont. "And I feel that I should have been notified before that. I had to come to school to be notified."

Lewiston's KLEW-TV reports that "outraged parents voiced their anger" at the meeting, including some calling for the resignation of district Superintendent Cindy Orr.

"I apologize that I didn't call you as quickly as you liked," Orr told the parents and grandparents. "I made the best decision I thought I could make at the time."

Trustees assured the crowd that they would review the school district's safety policies and invited parents to participate in the analysis.