Sun Valley Audit Alleges More Problems: 'Double-Dipping,' Violations of Vacation Policy


The final days of 2012 were marked by Sun Valley residents getting their first look at a forensic audit that unveiled a laundry list of shenanigans at Sun Valley City Hall. Auditors uncovered misuse of public funds, suspicious "fuel ups" using government gas credit cards, firefighters recording more hours than they had worked, and a "severe lack of control" with respect to credit card usage in the fire department.

And the hits keep on coming.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that the audit also contains a 46-page list of exhibits that Sun Valley Mayor Dewayne Briscoe called "the meat and potatoes of the audit."

The exhibits reveal more than $88,000 in vacation policy violations, $2,500 in so called "double-dipping" policy violations, when employees were paid for working city jobs and being paid concurrently as EMTs during the same hours, $15,000 in maximum-salary policy violations, and at least $51,000 worth of unexplained employee time off.

Briscoe told the Mountain Express that Sun Valley citizens should recognize why it took so long to conduct the audit.

"The citizens should be aware of what I and the council have done so the city will not have this kind of mismanagement and corruption again in the future," Briscoe told the Mountain Express.