Star-News: Ooops. Valley County Property Tax Bills Are Wrong


A significant accounting mix-up, which Valley County Clerk Archie Banbury has termed "simply a typographical error," is the cause of a half-million-dollar shortfall for the county's ambulance providers.

This morning's McCall Star-News reports that property tax receipts were supposed to have totaled $775,000, but the Valley County Clerk's Office instead wrote down $275,000 on billings sent out by the Valley County Treasurer's Office. As a result, Valley County taxpayers are expected to soon receive a notice from the Idaho State Tax Commission that there has been an error and much more money is due.

"It will have a great impact on my office," Valley Country Treasurer Glenna Young told the Star-News. "We'll have 27,000 checks coming in. It's countwide."

Meanwhile, the ambulance district is left in the lurch. The county can't transfer money from its operating budget to cover the funding gap because the ambulance district is a separate entity, according to the Star-News.

The error is expected to be a prime topic of discussion at the next meeting of the Valley County commissioners on Monday, Jan. 14.